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Really fun game :-) I enjoyed it!

When I died there was this error message though

Thanks for feedback, this is new erro rs.


I got this error:

Oops, something went wrong...

Browser not supported

Your browser doesn't support one or more functionalities required for this application. More details below.

There was an issue with your browser's WebAssembly support:
failed to asynchronously prepare wasm: LinkError: imported Memory with incompatible size
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Thanks for feedback

I work this.

Test plz :-)


It worked now, but after dying, I got the same error reported by mokalux , the libpng error.

Thanks for the feedback. No device of mine can run these web versions generated by the engine. Then I'm posting blindly, these feedbacks from you have helped me a lot. I think I found the solution on a forum and applied it to the game. Let's see if it works.


some feed back for gideros html debugger:

Oops, something went wrong...

An error occured in the code

Please inform the app developer about the details below, they will help him fix this in the future.

Cenas/Jogo1.lua:432: The supplied Sprite must be a child of the caller.
stack traceback:
	Cenas/Jogo1.lua:432: in function 'AtualizaItens'
	Cenas/Jogo1.lua:465: in function 

Tnx for feedback :-D

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